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Friday food for thought….Rent vs. Buying

Rent vs. Buying


So often I am asked by out of towners , “should i rent or buy when I relocate to Northeastern Ohio?”.  My answer to that question is usually a quick conversation of how well they know the area and how long they intend to stay.  If they are a first time homebuyer’s  the conversation is also geared towards the advantages of both owning and renting and are they pre-approved.   My buyers will always be well informed before we start any type of home search…having an excellent roadmap of what your monthly payments, downpayment and closing costs will be is key to having a healthy transaction.

I wanted to review with you the upsides of both renting and buying in todays market.  Buying any home to build equity is in itself the main financial reasons prospective buyers jump into the market.  On the other hand, not having to worry about incidental repairs or mowing the lawn can be a game changer as well.  What should you do?


Reasons to Rent:


There is an upside to renting


Reasons to Buy:


There are upsides to buying

I hope this helps you make a positive and successful decision.  Please feel free to contact me for lender information to help you get started on pre-approvals or credit repair.


My best,


Katy Dix Brahler





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