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Friday Facts….hook up with a realtor !

Hi everyone. A repeat question I often hear from  home buyers is “why do I need a realtor?”. Often times potential customers will say, “I’m just looking right now, I don’t need a realtor to keep bugging me.” Believe me, I completely GET IT! There is nothing worse than a phone call every single day from a realtor pushing you to ‘buy this home‘. Soooo, this is what I suggest.

When you think you are getting ready to jump on the home ownership train but are still a bit hesitant, look at some properties on zillow to get a good idea of price point. This gets you started. Skim the pictures and amenities and see what appeals to you and what doesn’t, then make a list. Second step is get a pre approval.  All realtors typically have great referrals of lenders.  They work with them every day and know the good lenders from the not so good!  Next, when you’re ready to view homes, interview 3 different realtors. It really doesn’t matter which company you choose, it’s the realtors background and personality that you have to agree with. Seasoned agents understand that the “pushy” realtor days are over. I suggest going to zillow and reviewing the agents client’s testimonials and how many homes they have sold. Zillow testimonials have to be from ‘real’ clients (zillow does check this!) and the number of homes an agent sells in one year is also monitored by zillow.  Also check out the realtors website (you can check out mine and it should be comparable www.katybrahler.com).  The agents website should be professional and informing.

Once you have picked your realtor, start viewing homes with your agent! Right away your agent will set you up on real time listings. These are listings from our MLS (multiple listing service) that are immediately disseminated to the client as soon as they hit the market. Currently inventory is low.   You should view the homes on the same day they are listed or POOF, the house is sold. This is truly when a seasoned agent comes into play.

Seasoned buyer’s agents typically have worked with many of the realtors out there and often can give great advise as to price point for your offers. We also typically have great repoire with the listing agent..this helps you! If a listing agent has worked with your buyer’s agent before, they know your agent brings great buyer’s to the table (at least they know that about me!) and will want to work with that agent again.  Ultimately offer price is the determining factor but if you are up against another offer with the same price point, you most likely will win if the listing agent knows your past performance!

Please call me if you have any further questions! Below is a great article to get you going on your home search:



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