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Let’s get ready to sell!!

As we enter the new season and with interest rates at a historical low, it's a great time to check some routine home maintenance projects off your to-do list.⁣ ⁣ Here are a few ideas of what you can tackle:⁣ ⁣ 1. Give your AC a ...

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Check off these items before you list your home

Thinking of selling your home this year? Maybe you are ready to upsize or downsize, move to a new neighborhood, or take advantage of a sellers’ market. In any case, there are some smart moves you can make before you list to ease the pr...

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Sellers plant your gardens!!

Get your Gardens on!!....Guess what sellers...buyers are looking for gardens when they purchase homes. YES, they look for raised beds or garden space in side or back yards when they make their decisions to purchase a home. SOOOO, here are s...

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Reasons to buy (or not to buy) an older home

There’s something to be said for the charm and craftsmanship that buying an old house brings to your life. There’s also something to be said for the inevitable (and expensive) mishaps that could be lurking behind any corner or wall. Yes, pu...

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Friday Facts….hook up with a realtor !

Hi everyone. A repeat question I often hear from  home buyers is "why do I need a realtor?". Often times potential customers will say, "I'm just looking right now, I don't need a realtor to keep bugging me." Believe me, I completely G...

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Friday food for thought….Rent vs. Buying

Rent vs. Buying   So often I am asked by out of towners , "should i rent or buy when I relocate to Northeastern Ohio?".  My answer to that question is usually a quick conversation of how well they know the area and how long they inten...

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Total eclipse of the floors!!

Hi Friends!  While waiting for the eclipse, please read this great article regarding flooring.  Changing out your flooring can really give your dated linoleum a fresh look and also increases your home value, if done right!...don't be ...

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